The Future Of 3D Printing

A look into 3D printing and its potential.

The idea behind 3D printing is to create a three-dimensional object from a digital file one layer at a time.
The process has been around for awhile, however, the early generation 3D printers were very large, highly
expensive, and used mainly for industrial prototyping, but that is not the case now.

Currently, 3D printers come in a range of sizes, are less expensive, and can be used with an assortment
of materials. There are advanced printers that can create human organs, to use for testing or help save
lives or printers that can construct buildings or houses, and even printers that can craft food.

What about print-on-demand?
There are so many possibilities that 3D print-on-demand can offer to businesses or even personal use,
from a company’s marketing or promotional swag, to household coaster and chip clips and it doesn’t
stop there. If advancements in 3D printing continue on their current trajectory, there are no shortages
of big ideas for getting products to consumers more quickly in the future.


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