The Facts: Printing Paper and Trees

The Environmental Benefits Of Printed Paper

Printed paper is made from a renewable resource. It is also recycled and reused. Trees can be replanted in places where they are harvested and there are systems in place for harvesting and growing trees specific for printing paper. Can we say that about using our electronic devices? Our devices can be recycled and reused, however, it is much more expensive because of the disposal of the toxic components that make up the device.

According to Print Grows Trees,  present-day commercial printing engages more sustainable methods. From recycling to energy usage, commercial printers are making great strides in reducing their environmental impression by implementing a higher percentage of paper grades that are recycled, post-consumer and third-party forest certified to be from responsible sources, using alternative power, such as wind or solar, using vegetable-based inks, eco-friendly soy inks, alcohol-free chemistry and aqueous coatings. Spread the word and take action, lets help meet green energy goals in America!

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