Why Everything Old is New Again

Direct Mail is simple and timeless.
Direct Mail is simple and timeless.

When I was younger and started reading historical fiction, I would visualize myself living in the past. I wanted to wear French court fashion, drink highballs with the Lost Generation, or stow away on a ship captained by Captain James Cook. Everything in the past was more thrilling, romantic, and daring.

My juvenile line of thinking isn’t necessarily exclusive. Every generation holds nostalgia for the prior, deeming them the “good old days”, “the golden age”, etc.

One of the best portrayals of this concept is embodied in the romantic comedy, “Midnight in Paris”.  Don’t worry. If you haven’t yet seen this amazing work by Woody Allen, I’m not really spoiling anything.

Modern day Lost Generation-obsessed protagonist, Gil (Owen Wilson), is enlightening the character Ariana (Marion Cotillard), why the 20’s in Paris is/was the best age in history. She declares him utterly mistaken.

“I’m from the ’20s, and I’m telling you the golden age is la Belle Époque [turn of the century].”

Gil combats, “These people don’t have any antibiotics! …if you stay here though, and this becomes your present then pretty soon you’ll start imagining another time was really your… You know, was really the golden time…”

Remember what happened after “The Great Gatsby” was resurrected in 2013? Everywhere you looked – wingtips, blazers, and art deco drop-waists. And these days, I find myself planning a dream vacation to the Scottish Highlands after submerging myself in Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series.

Yes, these are all remarkable stories from literature and cinema, which helps the allure, but the point is, “old” can still be cool. “Classic” will always stand the test of time. Such is true in Marketing, and print may be the medium where this is visualized best. The concept of using ink on paper for communication is simple, direct, and timeless.

While digital space is becoming more and more cramped with web ads, social media, and videos of cats (no, the irony of this being a blog post is not lost on me), make your message stand out with PRINT. Direct Mail especially still hits people where it counts.  A well designed piece can make someone’s walk to their mailbox so worth it. The US Postal Service indicates that most who receive direct mail, pay attention to it, and households report that they tend to respond to about 1 in 10 pieces of direct mail. – http://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2014/24084/print-marketing-will-thrive-in-2014-and-beyond

It’s that sense of nostalgia, the feeling of paper on skin, the idea that someone took the time to send something in the mail to you. Of course, there are many horrible print pieces zipping around the postal routes every day, but those pieces don’t have to come from your business. What better way to assure your piece stands out, then to enlist help from one of the oldest (read, “hip”) businesses in Denver, who is part of one of the oldest industries in the world?

Frederic Printing has been around since 1872.  That’s the Gilded Age – Mark Twain, Rockefeller, and Teddy Roosevelt! Imagine all that we’ve seen through the years.  When we have the chance to partner on a beautifully designed piece we get giddy.  Our craftsmen have a chance to shine, and excitement buzzes through the building.

So, if you’re looking for a partner that can help your next project run with the efficiency of the latest technology platforms and presses, but also uses techniques that have stood the test of time, look no further than your local printer.




Help Not Hype – Frederic Printing’s First Official Blog Post

HP T300

Who is Frederic Printing?

If you’re reading this, I hope you’ve also perused around our website a bit to see all that Frederic Printing has to offer.



The backing of the largest printer in the world! 

But truly, what is the essence that is Frederic Printing? Well, we all know it’s true; a company simply can’t survive for 136 years without employing some amazing people along the way, and those people need to share some common philosophies.  What makes us tick?  Why do we do what we do?

The truth is we may all have different reasons for being a part of Frederic Printing.  Maybe it’s that some of us get a little giddy when talking about paper and ink.  Some of us can’t go to a restaurant (or anywhere for that matter) without picking up and analyzing every piece of printed matter in view and announcing we could have “run it better”. Then there are some of us who just love the smell of varnish in the morning.

What we end up with is a diverse yet strong group of printing professionals who all play a role in moving quality product through our plant on a daily basis.

Why are we blogging?

We 100% subscribe to the philosophy of “Help Not Hype”. Being the best doesn’t mean we simply quote, produce, and ship jobs.  It means sharing our knowledge and expertise with our customers and colleagues.  It means not only having our finger on the pulse of our own industry, but the industries we serve. We want to be a resource, an information pool, a home for innovation and trust. Sometimes this means we’ll get to toot our own horn, but mostly it means we’ll only provide content that is beneficial to our customers.

What will we blog about?

We’re calling in all the troops. Frederic Printing is chock full of people who have so much to say; so much to share. Those who can run through the finer details of map folding, those who can help you design a mail piece that will save you loads on postage, and those who can build an online storefront for your marketing materials from the ground up.

We’re tapping in to all our internal expertise, but will also bring in guest bloggers: Paper Vendors, Designers, Data Analysts, and even Global Representatives from our parent company, RR Donnelley.

How can you leave feedback?

We want to hear from you. We want to know what you’re interested in learning more about, how we can improve, or if you’re interested in being a guest blogger! Fill out the contact form, or simply shoot our blog master, Emily Kutosky an email at emilyk@fredericprinting.com.