The Difference in Marketing to Generation Z vs. Millennials

What are the characteristics of Generation Z vs. Millennials

“Gen Z is tech-savvy like Millennials, but with a difference. While Millennials are digital natives for whom computers have always been a part of life, Gen Zers are social natives, meaning social media has always been a part of life. For Gen Z, there’s no reason to know a phone number when they can find friends on multiple social platforms at the click of a button.” – Posted by RR Donnelley

Here are some observations to consider when reaching out to the Gen Zers with the brand message:

  1. The 8 second attention spanAttention span studies have shown that Gen Zers are unable to focus for lengthy amounts of time. They are to the point, and get it accomplished effectively.
  2. They are professional brand managers – Gen Zers focus on managing personal and professional awareness through social media for better managing of their time and work ethics.
  3. The pragmatic planners – Gen Z focus on sustainability, especially in their career.

According to an article from Altitudeinc, the Gen Z face challenges from school to work, financial stability, formulated time, planning and getting things accomplished quickly. They may be our next generation to making that difference.


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