10 Holiday Marketing Ideas

The holiday season is upon us, is your business prepared?


Pop-out this holiday season!

  1. Host an appreciation event. Invite customers and one friend to a holiday potluck to say thank you.
  2. Highlight your unique business. What can you offer that others can’t? Send out a sample box that shows your defined business products.
  3. Boost your creative business on social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and post holiday blasts of your upcoming products.
  4. Create holiday themed wrapping paper and card set. Produce a designed wrapping paper with matching card set and include your product catalog with your business social media and contact information.
  5. Host a contest on your social media. Create a competition photo of who has the ugliest holiday sweater or t-shirt. There you could post the top 5 finalist and create a poster.
  6. Offer gift ideas. Send out an email blast offering gift ideas for those last minute shoppers.
  7. Get involved and give. Offer a discount or free gift for customers who participate some time to a charity or even donate a certain amount.
  8. Have a 12 days holiday sale or contest. Give away a prize, offer a discount or promote a different product each day.
  9. Offer calendars. Print a personalized calendar to give out to your customers.
  10. Show your product off at holiday exhibits. Check your local crafts fairs and exhibit and promote your products at a booth.