We Are Hiring!

Frederic Printing is hiring for the following positions. 

  • Bindery Operator 1 (2 positions open)
  • Bindery Operator 2 (2 positions open)
  • Material Handler 1
  • Material Handler 2
  • Press Operator 2
  • Print Production Acct Spec 3
  • Production Specialist 3
  • Shift Coordinator 2
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Supervisor Fulfillment/Mailing
  • Maintenance Mechanic
  • Sales Representative
  • Associates Development Program (ADP)

To apply, select the link or apply through our web site at Frederic Printing, An RRD Company

Let’s talk about Critical Business Communications

Our mission to better connect with our customers.

At Frederic we have the capabilities to offer solutions to other marketing and business
needs from our parent company, RRD. We connect clients to customers across the entire
scope of the customer journey, from the marketing programs that generate new customer
to the critical business communications that extend the brand by serving and supporting
those customers.

The Future Of 3D Printing

A look into 3D printing and its potential.

The idea behind 3D printing is to create a three-dimensional object from a digital file one layer at a time.
The process has been around for awhile, however, the early generation 3D printers were very large, highly
expensive, and used mainly for industrial prototyping, but that is not the case now.

Currently, 3D printers come in a range of sizes, are less expensive, and can be used with an assortment
of materials. There are advanced printers that can create human organs, to use for testing or help save
lives or printers that can construct buildings or houses, and even printers that can craft food.

What about print-on-demand?
There are so many possibilities that 3D print-on-demand can offer to businesses or even personal use,
from a company’s marketing or promotional swag, to household coaster and chip clips and it doesn’t
stop there. If advancements in 3D printing continue on their current trajectory, there are no shortages
of big ideas for getting products to consumers more quickly in the future.

A Look Into RRD’s New Sales Representatives

RRD’s newest sales representatives

At Frederic Printing our newest Sales Associate, Olivia Dunbar, recently participated in a week-long orientation training held in Warrenville, Illinois. “Over the course of the week, the group of 35 new-hires was exposed to each capability RRD has to offer, toured RRD labels and in-store marketing facilities, and was afforded the opportunity to meet CEO, Dan Knotts,” Dunbar explained.  

During his visit, Knott’s encouraged the group to set high expectations for what they are able to accomplish at RRD and used this platform to motivate and energize the group on being a part of a well-known and respected global Multichannel Marketing Communications Company.

Here were some guest speakers that participated in the event.

  • Toni Thompson – SVP Retail Solutions, In-store marketing
  • Joe Schewe – packaging structural Design and Engineering
  • Nicole Williams – Director of Healthcare Solutions
  • John Pecaric – President of Business Services
  • Dan Knotts – CEO

Visit RRD, for more reading into what RRD can deliver.

Why Corporate Design Is Important

Branding your business is a must!

Corporate design is how you build your brand from the ground up by outlining who you are and where you want to go. Defining your brand – who you are as a brand, an image to the public. Some examples to ask yourself, is who are you as a company, what is your mission or values, and what makes your company different from other businesses. Once you answer those questions, you will now have the ability to start building strategy and design around them.

Another important part of branding your company, is your image and look. From typography to colors, which colors represent your image that will influence your audience? Here is a list of some colors, I found to be very helpful.

Color Theory:
  Red: a bold, and exciting (example: Coca-Cola)
  Orange: a friendly and playful
  Yellow: happiness, cheerful, and just fun
  Green: nature and/or money (example: Greenpeace)
  Blue: appealing, relaxing, stable and trusting
  Pink: femininity, soft, and caring
  Purple: a luxurious, royalty color
  Black: class, modern, and sleek

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other sides to look at when branding, such as your strategy and design, the corporate culture, fonts and most important your logo. Your logo represents who you are and is generally the first thing that your audience will see, so make it pop and stand strong!


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The Facts: Printing Paper and Trees

The Environmental Benefits Of Printed Paper

Printed paper is made from a renewable resource. It is also recycled and reused. Trees can be replanted in places where they are harvested and there are systems in place for harvesting and growing trees specific for printing paper. Can we say that about using our electronic devices? Our devices can be recycled and reused, however, it is much more expensive because of the disposal of the toxic components that make up the device.

According to Print Grows Trees,  present-day commercial printing engages more sustainable methods. From recycling to energy usage, commercial printers are making great strides in reducing their environmental impression by implementing a higher percentage of paper grades that are recycled, post-consumer and third-party forest certified to be from responsible sources, using alternative power, such as wind or solar, using vegetable-based inks, eco-friendly soy inks, alcohol-free chemistry and aqueous coatings. Spread the word and take action, lets help meet green energy goals in America!

Click here for more reading on Economic and Social Benefits from Print Grow Trees.


Who is your target demographics in healthcare?

Why develop a direct mail campaign in the healthcare industry?

Direct mail campaigns are set up to focus on specific subset of the population. In an article from Global Healthcare, creating a direct mail campaign for healthcare, you can target your audience by demographics, behaviour, geopraphic and psychographic areas to reach the full potential of your campaign.

Identify your potential target markets in healthcare:

  • Demographic: age, gender, occupation, and family situation
  • Behaviour: attitudes, wants and needs 
  • Geographic: where they live
  • Psychographic: pertaining to their lifestyle

Read the full article at Global Healthcare.

6 Refreshing Marketing Spring Ideas to Kick Start Sales

Springing into 6 refreshing marketing ideas for your company!

1. Spring Sale. Promote to your customers to create a special printed marketing package to offer postcards, flyers or even swag!
2. Get the word out there! Post on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram by promoting your sales event or promotional sales package coming in spring.
3. Email Blasts. Create a refreshing spring email marketing blast to current customers.
4. Host a Spring Cleaning Event. Clean out old inventory and offer mark downs. Encourage customers that you are cutting prices on older items to make room for newer items.
5. Season up Tax Season. Encourage potential new customers to take advantage of their tax refund to buy your package or services. Give a discount of 15% off.
6. Think, Go Green. For print, offer discounted prices on recycled paper or other stationary.