A Look Into RRD’s New Sales Representatives

RRD’s newest sales representatives

At Frederic Printing our newest Sales Associate, Olivia Dunbar, recently participated in a week-long orientation training held in Warrenville, Illinois. “Over the course of the week, the group of 35 new-hires was exposed to each capability RRD has to offer, toured RRD labels and in-store marketing facilities, and was afforded the opportunity to meet CEO, Dan Knotts,” Dunbar explained.  

During his visit, Knott’s encouraged the group to set high expectations for what they are able to accomplish at RRD and used this platform to motivate and energize the group on being a part of a well-known and respected global Multichannel Marketing Communications Company.

Here were some guest speakers that participated in the event.

  • Toni Thompson – SVP Retail Solutions, In-store marketing
  • Joe Schewe – packaging structural Design and Engineering
  • Nicole Williams – Director of Healthcare Solutions
  • John Pecaric – President of Business Services
  • Dan Knotts – CEO

Visit RRD, for more reading into what RRD can deliver.

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